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Solar Pump Drives now available for PMSM , AC Induction and Solar Induction motors

Welcome to amberroot
REhub for High DC current
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Welcome to amberroot
REdrive Solar pump controller
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We are a Power Electronics company and our products are being used by thousands of customers to generate Solar energy for their homes, offices and their farmlands. Our products are completely designed by us and manufactured in India. These products include Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Pump Drives and EV (Electric Vehicle) drives. PROUDLY DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED IN INDIA.

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Power Electronics for a Greener Future

We are an Indian company specializing in design and manufacture of Power Electronics Products.


Agriculture, Organic and Dairy Products

Future Of Power Electronics Is Here

Emerging applications for Power Electronics – in Electric vehicles, Solar Pumps, Chargers, Distributed Power generation, Smart Grids etc. require innovations in the way Power semiconductor switch technology and Power Electronic switching circuits are applied . Developing products requires cross functional competence in Power Electronics & Embedded Systems with technologies like control systems, thermal management, control & sensing technologies and innovations in manufacturing. Amberroot is spearheading innovations in these fields as it delivers products for different emerging applications.

Future Of Power Electronics Is Here


Well Engineered Products That are Built to Last

Well Engineered Products That are Built to Last

Details matter – specially in the kind of products we deliver , that are meant to work in harsh environments ( like in nearly 1000 traffic junctions across India ), must survive vibrations (our EV drives running on Fields in Tractors, roads in 3Ws )  and are expected to last for ever ( if a Solar PV panel lasts for 25 years, why not the Solar chargers !) . Take our REhubs ( Solar MPPT chargers) for example, be it the derating of the capacitors used,  to last longer, at higher temperatures ( 108 deg C) or the use of specially manufactured BUS BARS to transfer currents across the PCBs with minimal Ohmic losses , or the use of Synchronous Switching  to extract additional percentage of conversion efficiency – we design products that we can proclaim proudly ” Designed by us in India – that can stand with the best in the world ” 

System approach to product development

System approach to product development

Our products are meant to work with other components as part of a system. Let us look at a couple f examples of Amberroot’s products that have been built keeping the big picture in mind. 

[1] REhub MPPT – our Solar chargers to add Solar to existing Inverters need to work with Batteries, Solar Panels and existing inverters . Rather than focusing only on the charging function of a Solar charger, Amberroot’s REhubs uniquely incorporate Battery NET current monitoring . This feature allows users to size the Solar installation as per the energy required , while using the batteries as a buffer to take care of variations in the Load and Solar generation. 

[2] Our E-Rickshaw chargers were specifically built keeping in mind the space available  (or rather the lack of)  for installing solar panels on an E-Rickshaw roof.  Hence the boost charging – higher Voltage Batteries from lower Voltage panels. 

Our system approach to product development can be seen in every one of the products that we have shipped from Amberroot

REdrive : Solar Pump Drives

Long cable between Solar pump drive and the motor

The 5HP motor was more than 250 meters away from the place where the drive and Solar panels were installed. Getting the AC induction motor to run required our engineers to draw inspiration from a completely different field namely high speed digital design . Know more about why long length of cable between the motor and the pump drive is a problem and how Amberroot solved the problem to the customer’s satisfaction in our Learn section

Amberroot Youtube channel

Subscribe to our Youtube channel (subscription link here) for informative videos on Amberoot’s products, and installation videos. The youtube channel link is as follows:



Online Monitoring of your Solar installation

Amberlink Wifi attaches to all REhubs ( Solar chargers from Amberroot) .  The Amberlink adapter connects REhubs ( to the internet through a WiFi network access point. Once connected, the Solar installation can be monitored from anywhere through a browser. The historical output data – including parameters like Solar PV Voltage, Battery Voltage, the output Power, Energy generated (cumulative and daily), the Load power, the availability of MAINs etc are stored and downloadable for analysis and review.  once IOT ( Internet of Things)  enabled – the REhub set points like Bulk charging current or various Voltage set points can also be remotely changed as required.

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Solar MPPT Chargers

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