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Solar Pump Drives now available for PMSM , AC Induction and Solar Induction motors

Drives for PMSM motors

  • Models 200/300/400
  • Peak current 200A/300A/400A
  • Battery Voltage 24V to 60V
  • Max bus Voltage 80V
  • Motor type IPMSM with analog position sensor
Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking

  • Control algorithm – FOC based with good dynamic response also tested in clutch-based system

  • Regenerative braking with controllable torque current

  • Field weakening – configurable limits with smooth entry and exit

Throttle control

Configurable speed or torque modes –

  • Eco mode (lower torque or speed)

  • Forward or reverse with separate speed configuration

Throttle control
Integrated CAN bus

Integrated CAN bus

CAN bus support

  • For real time information
  • Configuration
  • Encrypted firmware upgrade – field upgradable
  • Analog signals for speed and torque indication
  • Low power mode support with external relay controlled through key switch


  • High current
  • Throttle error
  • Sensor error
  • High voltage protection during regenerative braking
  • Thermal back-off/shutdown
Designed for Rugged Usage

Designed for Rugged Usage

  • SMD Mosfet based design
  • Power busbars for low drop current paths
  • Supports Automotive or industrial grade components depending on requirement

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