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Solar Pump Drives now available for PMSM , AC Induction and Solar Induction motors

Using REhubs from Amberroot is possibly the best way to add Solar to existing Inverters

  • Add Solar to your Rooftop

  • Reduce your monthly electricity bills using Solar

  • High efficiency MPPT Chargers to add Solar to existing Inverters

REdrives from Amberroot are completely designed and made in India Solar pump variable frequency drives, designed in Solar first approach for use in tough farm environment

  • Made In India Solar pump drives
  • High efficiency drives for PMSM motors and AC induction motors
  • Solar pump solution for Kusum tenders

  • Universal Solar Pump Controller (USPC) as per MNRE specifications

Solutions for EV drives for two wheelers and three wheelers < 72V battery voltage

  • Designed for IPMSM motors with position sensor input using FOC algorithm with good dynamic performance, regenerative breaking, field weakening,
  • Multiple level protection to keep hardware safe
  • Support for high peak current (200A/300A/400A)
  • CAN interface for configuration, diagnostics and field firmware upgrade
  • Currently in trials for L5 category, mini tractors, 2 wheelers through our motor customer

REhub DC products from Amberroot are MPPT chargers integrated with DC load controllers.

  • Power DC loads using Solar
  • Replace Diesel Gensets with Solar back up for Telecom applications
  • High efficiency MPPT Chargers to add Solar for clean back up solutions

REvive MPPT Boost from Amberroot is designed to charge 48V or 60V battery system from 24V panels (72 cell panels)

  • Add Solar to E-Rickshaws

  • Use 24V Panel to charger 48/60Vnom batteries

OEM & Custom Solutions

OEM & Custom Solutions

  • We deliver custom solutions for specific Current /Voltage rating that is not easily available off the self

  • Support for small volume design and manufacturing

Amberroot systems has delivered multiple custom power electronics products to leading OEMs. We have contributed to the specification of the product, designed and have delivered manufactured units to the customers to meet their unique project requirements.

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