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Solar Pump Drives now available for PMSM , AC Induction and Solar Induction motors

REhub (pronounced REE- hub or ARR- EE – hub) range of products bring Solar and conventional battery backup (that use Inverters) into a Solar dominant hub (controlled by REhub), upgrading existing back up to one with Solar.

The Loads are connected to the DC Load conREhub DC trollers – which provide functions like Dusk to Dawn, Low Voltage Disconnect and Short Circuit protection.

Solar Charge controllers with Load controllers are available for small Street Light applications. When the Current and Voltage requirement becomes higher (e.g 48V and 30A), Electro-Magnetic relays become expensive (DC relay) or unavailable. REhub DC’s have high efficiency Mosfet based switching to control the Loads.

REvive MPPT Boost is a solar charger designeREvive d for charging batteries from Solar panels having Voltage less than the Battery Voltage. Example application is in E-Rickshaws. By keeping the batteries charged and delivering power through the day, Solar addition in E-Rickshaws has the potential to increase the income from E-Rickshaws. The E-Rickshaw’s productive hours, the time the Rickshaw can be on the road, increases with efficient utilization of Solar Power.


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