REhub Family

REhub (pronounced REE- hub) range of products bring Solar and conventional battery backup (that use Inverters) into a Solar dominant hub (controlled by REhub), upgrading existing back up to one with Solar.

REhub PWM : Upgrade to Solar

Amberroot's Renewable energy hub (REhub PWM) provides a cost effective way to add Solar PV to extend back up in homes for small solar installations.

REhub PWM includes a display that makes its easy to know the power generated, the availability of Grid power and to control the usage of Grid power thereby maximizing the usage of Solar energy.

REhub MPPT : Adding Solar to existing Inverters

REhub MPPT enables the addition of as much Solar PV as required for servicing loads and yet making sure the charge rate to the batteries are kept within safe limits

REhub MPPT provides the right combination for adding Solar PV. REhub MPPT intelligently controls the charging process in a way that keeps the batteries safe and therefore extends their life. They allow the maximal use of Solar power.

REhub MPPT Eco: MPPT REhub for small Solar installations

REhub MPPT Eco is a 25A, 12V/24V Solar MPPT charger to add Solar to existing Inverters.

REhub MPPT Eco allows you to install 72 Cell or 60 Cell PV panels even for 12V systems, thereby reducing the amount you spend on a per Wp basis for Solar Panels. Get all the benefits of MPPT charger with ability to upgrade to Solar PV at a lower total system cost.

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